Swimming Pools




There's no better way to "vacation in your own backyard" than with a brand-new swimming pool. But you already know that; that's why you're here. There are two types of swimming pools, and each has its own unique advantages.


Click on a photo for a quick overview, and to see more examples of that type of pool.


Not Sure Which Style Pool Is Right for You?


A few easy questions will help you choose exactly the kind of pool that's going to make you happy for a lifetime. You can also download our Pool Comparison Checklist for a quick and easy side-by-side comparison of the different features and options available with each type of swimming pool.


What's the primary purpose of the pool?

  • Health and relaxation for you?
  • Backyard entertaining?
  • Something for the kids or grandkids?
  • Something beautiful to look at, from inside and outside the house?
  • An excuse to not mow the grass anymore?


What style is more appealing to you?

  • A classic, formal look, with traditional, geometric shapes? Or a more natural, curving, free-form look?
  • Do you prefer "reserved elegance and sophistication," or more of a "jungle" or "lagoon/oasis" look and feel?
  • Do you want something small and cozy, for just a few friends? Or big enough to hold the whole neighborhood?
  • Are you looking for a totally unique, custom, one-of-a-kind pool project that no one has ever seen or dreamed of before?
  • Or would you be happier with a fast and affordable swimming pool that could be installed in your backyard in less than a week?


How important is "speed of installation"?

  • A fiberglass pool can be completely installed and ready for swimming in less than 48 hours.
  • A vinyl liner swimming pool normally takes about one to two weeks.
  • A custom concrete pool typically takes two to three months.


How important is price?

  • For lowest cost, it's close to "a tie" between "vinyl liner" and "fiberglass."
  • Concrete swimming pools tend to be a little more expensive, due in part to the customization.


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